LeadHer Shift Ep.4 ft. Karen Arthur – From Teacher to Fashion Designer

Episode 4 of LeadHer Shift features Karen Arthur, who has adjusted her life to ensure her happiness is maintained, by going from being a teacher to now a fashion designer.

In This Episode

Karen shares that after 28 years as a teacher, she just was not happy, and she took the leap that was way overdue to take care of her anxiety and depression, to rediscover her love for fashion in her own way.

She made a choice to reclaim her power, and through it all has learnt so much about how much her past has played in to her ability to lead self, family and others.

Karen, in the midst of it all, shifted in creating a thriving business and she has this advice to share:

  1. Do what makes you happy;
  2. Keep going and keep trying; and,
  3. Everything happens when its suppose to.

Take a listen to learn more about Karen, the purpose behind her fashion, and how she leads others towards finding their happy.

About Karen Arthur

Karen is a 58 year old mother of two daughters and new grandmother. She is a fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist and speaker with a bit of modelling, thrown in for variety.

Karen was a full time teacher for 28 years, but left in 2015.

Karen has been sewing for over 40 years. In the past few years she has focused on creating beautiful clothing for women who appreciate hand crafted care and slow fashion, under the brand name 'Reddskin'.

Karen enables women to harness the power of fashion to support good mental well-being using #wearyourhappy on social media, and penned an e-book '8 Ways to Wear Your Happy' as a helpful guide. She has held two successful Wear Your Happy LIVE events to date and launched Wear Your Happy® Style, a personal styling offer for women who want to rediscover the ‘Happy’ in their wardrobes. Her new membership group Wear Your Happy® THRIVE is an offer for peri-menopausal and menopausal women, who feel they have lost their way and are ready to embrace ageing.

Karen teaches people of all ages to fall in love with their sewing machines during private sessions. She also runs workshops in schools to teach all ages about sewing, textiles and fashion.

Karen speaks publicly on fashion and mental well-being, ageing and loneliness. Her video feature for @StyleLikeU ‘Getting Dressed: A Self-Acceptance Project’ has reached over 359k views on Youtube.

Karen is a co-founder of Craftmoves, a social initiative committed to ending loneliness amongst London’s commuters through craft.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Karen has successfully swerved her business model to create Wear Your Happy® Face Covers to remind people not to touch their face.

Here's a favourite quote Karen lives by:

"I'm going to look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it. I lived for me." - Robyn Rihanna Fenty

If you're ready to #wearyourhappy Karen is who you need!

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These are women of all demographics, experience levels, and cultures, who have, in their own ways, accomplished or been challenged by some form of leadership role and skill, within their lifetime, including leading themselves.

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