LeadHer Shift Ep.3 ft. Kelly Abanda – Creating Magic in the Adventure

Episode 3 of LeadHer Shift features Kelly, who is an adventure coach that shares the shift she had when she went from a corporate job to touring 27 countries to find her happy.

In This Episode

Kelly shares that after spending 15+ years within the corporate and non-profit sector she felt stuck and unhappy.  She refused to let life overpower her desire to be free.

What started out as a 3-month hiatus to discover her next steps in her career, turned in to 3-years of pure "MAGIC", as she likes to call it.

On her adventures, Kelly had the opportunity while travelling from places as fas as New Zealand and South Africa, to overcome the feeling of imposter syndrome and doing what "should" be done.

The different sides of leadership that came out for her were that:

  1. It's okay to take a risk, as it definitely would pay off beyond measure, once followed by action.  It's all about choices.; and,
  2. The only person holding you back is you, through your own inconsistency of though.  Your internal message must change in order for you to.

Take a listen to learn more about what Kelly's adventure and how she leads others towards that level of success, by connecting with people.

About Kelly Abanda

After taking the leap, out of the corporate world, to fulfil her dream of traveling the world solo, Kelly Abanda discovered the MAGIC that happens when we allow ourselves to pivot out of a life of "should" and "have to" and detour with intention into a life of excitement, connection, and adventure.

Kelly remains inspires by key leaders, who embody the essence of her progress today.  Here's a favourite quote she lives by:

"Clarity comes from ACTION." - Cathy Heller

She now helps others get out of their safe, secure ruts and pivot out of hiding into the life they were born to live.  She has taught life-altering workshops around the world and now teaches people through a variety of avenues, including online courses, small group and 1:1 coaching and networking groups.

If you're ready to design your own life detour, Kelly is who you need!

About LeadHer Shift

LeadHer Shift is a series featuring dynamic women, their experiences, and insights.

These are women of all demographics, experience levels, and cultures, who have, in their own ways, accomplished or been challenged by some form of leadership role and skill, within their lifetime, including leading themselves.

If you would like to be featured please send us a message.

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