LeadHer Shift Ep.7 ft. Francoise Moudouthe – Leading through Learning Conversations

Episode 7 of LeadHer Shift features Francoise Moudouthe, who has dedicated her life to serving others within the feminist space, and her life is designed to fight for gender equality and social justice, one conversation at a time.

In This Episode

Francoise shared her views on leadership through the lens of her mother, where she took the path in her own journey to develop a safe space for women and other feminist leaders to express their truth, courage and power.

She has had tremendous experiences through a gender lens and holds firm to the belief that it's impossible for one to lead without community.

As such, Francoise stays true to her belief that if you are a leader, it's for others to highlight that as factual.

Her philosophy centers around the notion that true leaders should not have to call themslves that, as their actions and how people feel about them should speak for itself.

Francoise also, over the years, had to make decisions in her career and life that, by her standards, did not make sense, but felt right, and urges any professional out there to do the same, and take the risks, because your 'what if' just may be what guides your path to success.

Take a listen to learn more about Francoise, her obsession with excellence within a capitalist framework, her other bits of advice to any professional, and how she took the time to discover her passion for serving others.

About Francoise Moudouthe

A Pan-African Feminist with a fierce commitment to gender equality and social justice, Françoise Moudouthe is the founder of Eyala, a bilingual platform that explores what it means to be an African feminist today, one conversation at a time.

Françoise documents and amplifies the voices of African women as they explore what it means for them to live a feminist life through interviews published on Eyala’s website (www.Eyala.blog). She also hosts Eyala Sisters’ Circles, intimate in-person gatherings that allow African women to share their experiences and support one another through the struggles they encounter on their feminist journeys.

Françoise’s goal is for Eyala to change the narrative on African women and feminists, and for African feminist movements to further entrench sisterhood as a core organizing and sustaining principles.

Prior to launching Eyala, Françoise played an instrumental role in incubating Girls Not Brides (now the leading civil society partnership to end child marriage) globally, and spearheaded the organization’s work in Africa for over 6 years.

In addition to her work with Eyala, she now works as an international consultant on advocacy, strategy development and movement-building for women’s rights. She is a Board member of the Malala Fund and Womankind Worldwide. Françoise is a daughter of Cameroon, a French national and, currently, a resident of Morocco

With all that keeps Francoise's passionate about her work, she also stays true to these words:

"Human rights are not things that are put on the table for people to enjoy.  These are things you fight for and then you protect."  - Wangari Maathai

About LeadHer Shift

LeadHer Shift is a series featuring dynamic women, their experiences, and insights.

These are women of all demographics, experience levels, and cultures, who have, in their own ways, accomplished or been challenged by some form of leadership role and skill, within their lifetime, including leading themselves.

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