The "LeadHer Shift" Series

LeadHer Shift Ep.5 ft. Kaus Sharma – Leading with Intention
Episode 5 of LeadHer Shift features Kaus Sharma, who has spent the last two years building a business from the[...]
LeadHer Shift Ep.4 ft. Karen Arthur – From Teacher to Fashion Designer
Episode 4 of LeadHer Shift features Karen Arthur, who has adjusted her life to ensure her happiness is maintained, by[...]
LeadHer Shift Ep.3 ft. Kelly Abanda – Creating Magic in the Adventure
Episode 3 of LeadHer Shift features Kelly, who is an adventure coach that shares the shift she had when she[...]
LeadHer Shift Ep.2 ft. April Graham – Finding Freedom with a Leader’s Mindset
Episode 2 of LeadHer Shift features April Graham, a mindset coach who shares key shifts she's made from childhood trauma[...]
LeadHer Shift Ep.1 ft. Janeen Wilson – Leadership through a Psychotherapist Lens
Episode 1 of LeadHer Shift features Janeen Wilson, who is a psychotherapist, creative practitioner, and entrepreneur, as she shares challenges[...]