A creative, critical thinker who equips dynamic women with the strategies and skills to lead success in life and business 

Business Coach | Consultant | Trainer

Founder of The LeadHer Shift and I AM A GIRL NGO

"The only way to change your outcome is to change your process."

Alian Ollivierre

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Consultant

I have the honour of being certified by one of my mentors and the world's #1 Leadership Expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

As part of his global team, I am also licensed to use his best-selling works in leadership and personal development when working with clients.

Alian Ollivierre - John Maxwell
Alian Ollivierre - John Maxwell  TeamFaculty


I am extremely passionate about helping our clients to "Get Way Ahead" and successfully achieve the goals that they have conceptualised.

Following my studies in Law and International Relations in the United Kingdom, I've worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the United Nations before leveraging my experience and founding The LeadHer Shift brand, which globally serves enterprises and professionals via consulting, training,  coaching and media solutions which I deliver via Encompass Global Corp.

Beyond my own experience, I've continuously grown and further equipped myself to serve our clients with further value by incorporating insights from past programmes that I've completed under Dr. John C. Maxwell and former U.S. President Barack Obama, which also included the likes of Sir Richard Branson.



This leading sphere allows for enterprises to gain valuable insights, expertise and development through policy, strategy, planning, content and curriculum curation, and relationship enhancement.


Building the capacity of others through the principles of andragogy, and allowing for the practicality of creativity to ignite sustainability, growth strategies, and profitability across various sectors.


With a combination of education, motivation and support, clients are guided to develop either for self, in their personal and professional capacities, or for enterprise, through team building.


"I really enjoyed working with Alian on building the entrepreneurial curriculum for the Caribbean trusts. She worked hard as well during the Training of Trainers, which was encouraging to see. With such an amazing job well done, hopefully we will have an opportunity to work together again, in the future."

Caroline Appel

Head of Entrepreneurship Training,

Youth Business International

"We thought that it was important for our clients to have a personal development workshop, which would allow them to learn how to brand and sell themselves. Ms.Ollivierre and her team did a tremendous job with the knowledge imparted to the participants over the past five (5) weeks."

Karen Sue
Senior Business Development Officer, FUNDACCESS

"We have been engaging Ms. Ollivierre on a continual basis for multiple training programmes. Alian is very dynamic; she works very well with entrepreneurs. We only get rave reviews from them about the connection that they've had with her, and the way in which they have been able to apply all tools given to strengthen their respective businesses."

Lisa Fenty
Project Coordinator, 
Barbados Youth Business Trust


My team and I help women in leadership roles to "Get Way Ahead" personally and within their social or business enterprises.

For example, I've worked with Y.B.I. (London) to create the business training curriculum and associated resources used across the Caribbean, as well as executing the regional training of trainers for this programme.



Numerous enterprises globally, which include Corporations, Small Businesses, Social Entities and Governmental Organisations, to support and equip persons from the Operational Level to the Executive, aimed at enhanced growth.


Service based entities who offer training, on-going professional support and educational programmes to their client base, along with corporate team development initiatives. 



Solopreneurs, Start-Ups, Micro and Medium Enterprises, from the idea generation phase to implementing strategic steps for structural business growth, administration, and process development, along with increased profits.


Employees, particularly corporate leaders, within any entity or sector, whose desire is to progress within their respective profession, team dynamic or industry.

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Check out this podcast interview below, where I share a bit more about me and my work supporting corporations and entrepreneurs via my LeadHer Shift coaching solutions as well as my philanthropic efforts at I Am A Girl NGO.

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