LeadHer Shift Ep.6 ft. Angela Walker – Shifting the Design of Love

Episode 6 of LeadHer Shift features Angela Walker, who has dedicated her life to helping singles and couples design relationship strategies that are comprehensive and customized for their specific relationship needs.

In This Episode

Angela shared her views on how different forms of relationships, within or outside of the workplace, are challenged by the inability to communicate effectively, especially in instances of conflict.

She made the point that communication is much more than what you say and how you say it, but it is important to also incorporate the following, because presentation is key:

  • Why you say it?
  • When you say it?
  • Where you say it?

Angela also believes that it is important to look at the common denominator, which may be "self" and take some time to reflect on:

  • Why have your relationships not been successful?
  • What caused those relationships to end?
  • Did anything happen that causes the defensive nature you may have?
  • How can you make better choices and decisions moving forward?

Ultimately, her advice was centred around the question: "Do you want war or peace?" and if peace is your aim, you should communicate in an effective manner, to ensure more positive outcomes, and don't be afraid to apologise when wrong.

Take a listen to learn more about Angela, her experiences with relationships, why she wrote the book she did, and how she took the time to right her wrongs, just as a leader should.

About Angela Walker

Angela S Walker is a Certified Relationship Coach with over 10 years of experience, and has a mission to help as many singles and couples create healthy and long lasting relationships through effective communication.

The personal obstacles she has overcome makes assisting others on their relationship journey very rewarding. After a 14-year marriage that failed due to infidelity, verbal and emotional abuse as well as the pressure of raising a disabled child, Angela had  to go on an emergency self discovery journey to rediscover who she really is.

With her approach of “Barring My Scars to Help Others Heal” She has provoked others to reclaim their love for one another through effective communication tips and techniques.

She has also created coaching services that are more affordable to those who need a relationship coach, but could never really afford one.

Angela stays true to these words:

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."  - Martin Luther King Jr.

About LeadHer Shift

LeadHer Shift is a series featuring dynamic women, their experiences, and insights.

These are women of all demographics, experience levels, and cultures, who have, in their own ways, accomplished or been challenged by some form of leadership role and skill, within their lifetime, including leading themselves.

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